At InDialogues 2011 every moment was so densely packed with experience, that the entire stay of about three days was very educational. All the people working for improvement of India were brought under one roof by this initiative and that has helped me exchange information with all the designers. The initiative can be a wide spectrum, which will allow people without  any formal education to showcase their innovations.

India Future of Change was a platform to exhibit ideas with India at its core. I am sure that these ideas will surely get highlighted through this channel and India will just be the way we imagine and want it to be.

AASHUTOSH KULKARNI, is a Mechanical Engineer, now pursuing his post graduation in Mobility and Vehicle Design at Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. He was born in Sangli in Maharashtra, India,. Fascinated by automobiles, Aashutosh decided to join the automobile industry, but later after realizing today’s problems like congestions and traffic, he aspires to work more in the field of transportation planning and solutions.

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Smart Train Station

In a highly populated city like New Delhi, there is a great requirement for a user-friendly station for Metro Railways. In the current layout of train exits, the same doors are used to board and de-board, Aashutosh presents 3 design ideas that shows the solution for using all four doors of the car, and each track bound by platforms on both sides, for easy exit and entry. He also redesigns the turnstiles and emergency exits, to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of people to and from trains.



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