As a European, I believe that this series of competition is a significant proposal by India towards the world. It grants an exceptional opportunity for us to get to know and also to present this region on the planet, which has an ancient culture and a vivid spiritual life as well. What I liked most about the event were the people, as my key takeaway has been the knowledge of the problems and needs of India.

ADAM was born in a small Hungarian town in 1988. Since his childhood, his interest lay in new technical and technological innovations, in arts, and in the relation between these two, seemingly completely conflicting subjects. In secondary school, he tailored his studies primarily around humanities. After graduation, Adam applied and was admitted to the Designer specialization of the Institute of Applied Arts, University of West Hungary in Sopron. In the course of years at the University, the merging of technological innovations and design became his philosophy. Adam considers himself a lay researcher in technical arts, which is often manifested in new concepts and visions.

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Eco-friendly Street Lamp

In a country with diverse weather patterns, street fixtures such as lamps are always subject to corrosion, and because they use halogen bulbs, are energy consuming. Adams idea is recycling the power of the sun and rain to develop LED based street lamps. The lamps are leaf shaped, the top is covered with solar cells to harvest sunlight, and the pole contains an internal water turbine, to encourage processing of rainwater and together they generate electricity to power the street lamp. The LED lights are less power consuming and bright enough to be an alternative to halogen lights. This idea makes the street lamp virtually self sufficient.



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