CESAR VIRAMONTES is an Industrial Designer at Cal State Long Beach University. As a designer, he enjoys the whole process from sketching ideas, to seeing what he has created through to the end. He is very interested in humanitarian design and through the same; he wants to aid people in making their lives better. Apart from design he also enjoys surfing, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, soccer, photography and anything that lets him explore the world around him.

Cesar Viramontes, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, California State University Long Beach

Home Composting System

Basing his idea on the fact that more people in India have cellphones than toilets, Cesar presents a home based composting system that is effective waste disposal as well as converts waste into energy. His idea is a wheel shaped unit with a removable handle that is designed to carry human faecal matter to dispose or to use as human waste manure. Cesar hopes that with this innovation he can reach the urban poor, as well as remote rural locations to ensure proper human waste disposal.



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