Design helps you better society, improve quality of life. This initiative has helped
participants adopt design to generate a good life. Designers have always contributed to the betterment of society and IFC is helping the world to do the same.

Born on October 13, 1989, in Veracruz, Mexico, HERMINIO was interested in drawing and painting since childhood. His parents encouraged his interest and he took up Design at the University of Guadalajara. An exchange programme took him to Korea where he realized that different cultures influenced design to a great extent.

Herminio Menchaca, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, University of Guadalajara

Heater for Rural Markets

Herminio aims to bring heating and cooking to the most far flung and poorest sections of society. His design uses a low cost, non corrosive metal as the cooking top , and a clay base with a constant heat source, that conducts heat through layered metal . His design ensures that all of the energy created by the heat source is used and not wasted. A low-cost and eco-friendly heater to cook food designed for the rural market !



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