Our actions today inextricably influence what will happen tomorrow. This initiative has identified that at the very least a ‘change’ is needed. The future needs to be Sustainable. Design should be an integration of social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability, while striking a balance between feasibility and being entrepreneurial.

MICHAEL O’ BRIEN is an Industrial Designer based in Australia.

Michaels’ design approach is dramatically influenced by his international experience, with several years spent living, studying and working in the cities of Barcelona, Mexico DF, and Ciudad Del Este -Paraguay.

As an industrial designer he believes in democratic design and thinks, “If necessity is the
mother of invention, then designers should ideally design for needs, not wants”.

Michael O' Brien, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, University of Technology

Portable Surgical Light

According to world bank estimates,2 billion of the world’s population live “off the grid”, this means that the only way to provide lighting to poor hospitals is through kerosene. Surgical lamps however are even more problematic as they are energy consuming and heavy. Aiming to solve this problem, this is a low-cost, battery-operated, lightweight, portable surgical LED light that facilitates surgeries under makeshift conditions. The lamp weighs 900gms and is made out of one piece of material which is perforated and is hand folding thus making it adjustable. The low voltage LED also bring down energy consumption.



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