Tres tres bien’ as they would say in French. The atmosphere resonated with energy of fresh concepts and thinking. I got a chance to meet people, some of them whom I deeply respected and some who have become personal role models for me. It gave me a chance to view the creative potential of my peers. It also gave me an international perspective to the Nation’s problem solving.

This initiative is an excellent way to give people who are the actual change makers for any Nation, an opportunity to put forward their ideas to make a difference and metamorphosis this culturally diverse and complicated Nation.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, she completed her higher secondary education from Loreto House. Thereafter she moved to Pune to pursue her Bachelor of Design in Communication Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design. Mrinalini won three prestigious awards there, namely, trophy for the best diligent student and two gold medals for the Best Outgoing Student of the Year and the Jayatee Deshmukh Trust Scholarship for the Best Outgoing Girl Student at the University Level. Presently she is pursuing her post-graduation in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and learning French from Alliance Francaise.

Having lived in myriad cities during her design education Mrinalini has learnt and adapted to new people and languages. Mrinalini’s journey in design is reflective of all such collective experiences around her.

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Meter that Talks

Traffic congestion is a growing problem in the major cities of India. Better and improved forms of public transport and management are needed as the average days traffic moves at 12 kms per hour. The need for the most accessible and preferred form of public transport to become smarter and move with new technologies is growing. The AATO ( accessible auto transport operations) system tries to take that step into the less congested future. It is a smart autorickshaw meter that does more than reading distances, it connects commuters to autos which are bound to common destinations. In this way anyone who wants to share an auto and reach a particular destination can do so with the help of GPS and the internet. All information for booking an auto will be dealt through a smart card. This makes public transport more tech savvy and efficient, it also saves fuel and money for both the commuter and the driver.



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