As the accelerating process of Technological development introduces us with new
possibilities every day, information has become so readily available at the press of a button.

Global exposure has changed how Indian students think and relate to their environment. As emerging trend makers, they seek to create awareness and innovation within themselves, finding new ways to reach out and co-operate with the public in order to change life circumstances.

NEKTAR SOLOMON was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and also at the Srishti school for art design and technology in Bangalore, India.

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DIY Washing Machine 

Can a bucket be a washing machine? Nektar believes so. She has developed a washing machine developed with readily available home components. Living in Bangalore in south India, Nektar had to do her own laundry, by hand, which she came to realise was really time consuming. In her design she uses a central helix spiral shaft connected to an agitator plate at the bottom and a crank handle placed on the lid, enclosed in a net bucket, contained inside the bucket. This design can wash upto 3.4Kg of laundry , and the total cost of the DIY washing machine is about 18$! Made from recycled plastic and aluminium, this device is eco-friendly and cost efficient!



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