Oliver Blanchard, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, University of Plymouth


The Sachet Syringe

Annually 80 million vaccinations are administered in India, 74% of these are given in an unsafe manner. Keeping in mind these shocking statistics, this low-cost syringe reduces the risk of incorrect dosage by replacing the traditional syringe body with a prefilled, flexible medicine sachet; this helps avoid its reuse or refilling. Medicine waste from multi-dose vials is virtually eradicated while their contamination through used syringes is also averted. Most importantly, these factors help people overcome the fear and anxiety they face when they need an injection giving everyone peace of mind as the syringe prevents needlestick injury to nurses, patients and disposal workers. This revolutionary design was awarded the Grand Prize at the first INDIA Future of Change Design Contest. He also received US$35,000 for his achievement.



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