PRAGYA SINGH is a final year Product design student at National Institute of Design. She has worked on different areas of Product Design, as a part of her academic curriculum like simple product design, nature and form, display and controls, Technically Complex product, design for special needs and system design.

Innovation at grassroots is the key to future of change in India. Pragya’s vision of future of design is to explore the unexploited, design and market opportunities for the desperately poor.

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Multipurpose Diplegia Aid 

Rehabilitation aids and equipment for those suffering from cerebral palsy , is usually limited to hospitals and is very expensive if bought. Pragya with her design for Multipurpose Diplegia Aid , designs a chair for children suffering from lower limb diplegia, that can be adjusted according to the need of the patient. The same piece of equipment is used for correction of both sitting and standing postures. The chair is assembled out of easy to find objects available in most countries . Pragya has been awarded 35000$ as grant money to fund her research by the IFC.



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