I took part in this initiative because it provided me with a wonderful platform for showcasing my idea to a wide range of audience. It also provided me with the opportunity to meet with the best minds in the field of design and entrepreneurship and gave me an opportunity to interact with them. I sincerely believe that this initiative will provide the perfect platform where interested people not only from India but from all over the world can communicate, discuss & innovate.

PRASUN is an engineer by profession and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. His hobbies include travelling, adventure sports and reading books. Designing for Prasun is coming up with innovative and feasible solutions using technology for day to day problems faced by the common man. He is particularly interested in the energy and environment sectors and was a part of the team which had successfully carried out the first ever Energy Audit of the IIT Kharagpur campus. Prasun plans to become an entrepreneur either in energy or the environment sector in the future.

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Blue Washing Machine 

A metropolitan city like Kolkata uses 50 million litres of water everyday for their washing needs. With increasing water usage, the need to treat greywater so it can be used as clean water especially for the purposes of washing and cleaning is high. The blue washing machine drastically reduces water consumption and wastage. Grey water is chemically treated, filtered and then ultra filtered which makes 98% of the feed water pure. In this way, 90% of the laundry water is saved. Traditionally, grey water is rejected by washing machines even though it is not as polluted as “black water”, this machine helps save that water and reuse it in a safe manner.



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