SRIKANT MENON is currently in his third year in the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He likes to invest a lot of time in social activities and develop products for rural market.

He has been working with National Service Society (NSS) conducting classes for children in slums in Chennai during my first year. His project on cost effective housing solutions helped him to know about the difficulties faced in this sector and come up with innovative solutions. The construction technology developed helps in making affordable houses in just two days.

Srikant Menon, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, IIT Chennai


House from the Ashes 

As per 2011 census , India has 43 million people living in Slums. Srikant’s innovative idea is to use waste materials like fly ash and sludge from municipal sewage waste, to form into interlocking bricks , that can then be used to construct houses. Srikant claims that through this, the time required to build a house can be reduced to about 7days or 850 work hours. This idea is twofold in its result, it assures a durable building material and effective waste management as well as a cheap and alternative building material.  



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