I enjoyed meeting the many participants and interacting with like-minded people. The speakers were able to help clarify things about India that I did not know. They gave great insight on their own approach to design thinking as well as give great examples from their own work. Currently, I feel that India is a great centre for entrepreneurship and change. It is a fast growing country and more professionals are willing to take risks for the better.

STELLA LEE, is currently in her last year of Industrial Design B.S. at California State University of Long Beach. She feels design has been a great outlet for her to research and experience new cultures. Stella is inspired by the way people live and how design impacts their lives. She looks forward to new experiences and to further her skills and thoughts as a designer.

Stella Lee, InDialogues, INDIA Future of Change, California State University Long Beach

Indigenous Asthma Inhaler

Amongst India China and Pakistan, India tops the list in the number of Asthma deaths. With increasing industrial and household pollution, breathing easy is becoming difficult, especially for people with various breathing problems. This Homemade asthma inhaler is based on alternative medicine and developed from dried gourds or coconuts. Its herbal ingredients have properties to help asthma patients. Most of its components are bio degradable. This method is environmentally conscious and helps people in rural areas the most, as its main components are readily available roots and herbs.



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