Promoting design's understanding role until its influence on society and on progress is fully acknowledged in Antonelli’s main goal. A senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, Paola Antonelli was a recipient of a laurea degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano university in 1990, though she never worked as an architect. Curating architecture and design has taken her to exhibitions in Italy, France, and Japan.

Contributing to the written word, she was the Contributing Editor for Domus magazine (1987–91) and the Design Editor of Abitare (1992–94). Metropolises, the Harvard Design Review, I.D. magazine, Paper, Metropolitan Home, Harper’s Bazaar and Nest have been some other publications she has contributed articles to over the years. She has curated the exhibition entitled Safe in 2005 based on her show at the International Design Conference in Aspen (August 20–23, 2003) similarly entitled Safe: Design Takes on Risk.

Her recent projects are diverse and exciting as one includes a book about foods from all over the world as examples of outstanding design and another is a television program on design. She was recently rated as one of the top one hundred most powerful people in the world of art by Art Review.

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