A German by birth, Dr. Wilfried Aulbur did his doctoral and post- doctoral studies in physics in Europe and the US. With a keen interest in the business of automobiles, Aulbur has been a force in the Indian luxury car market. Before 2000, he held at Airbus, Germany and at the Daimler Headquarters. He was also working in the US at the Chrysler Corporation . After this, between 2000 and 2002, he headed the Business Development and Strategy function at the Mercedes Benz Research & Development Centre in Bangalore, India. In 2003, he became the Executive Assistant of the Head of Mercedes Car Group, providing support in different operational and strategic initiatives within the global Mercedes group. From 2006 till 2010, he was the Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India where he was responsible for the production, sales and after sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, buses and trucks. Presently Aulbur is working as Managing partner in Mumbai for Roland Berger, a global strategy consulting firm.

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WILFRIED AULBUR’s address at InDialogues@Campus
4 Mar 2012. IIT Delhi

Wilfried Aulbur based his talk on the trajectory of automotive engineering twenty years. The five main challenges include: higher regional complexity; higher product complexity; higher technology complexity; and a "war for talent.” To cope, businesses will need to adapt from having a global presence to being globally integrated, and to design highly effective operating models to manage the transformation into a more agile, flexible, and efficient engineering organization.

He stressed the importance of globally networked, decentralized Research and Development, creating locally ingenious solutions that can be translated globally. As the world becomes more complex, there is a tremendous opportunity for young engineers in India to truly innovate and to create brand new markets. The panel was followed by a rousing Q & A session that reinforced the urgency of the topic at hand: students were asked to rise up beyond complacency with a traditional job market, to invent a new world for all.



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