Vatavaran 2003 Silver Tree Award in the Documentary promoting Wildlife
Vatavaran 2003 Best Documentary in the Revelations Category
Getting to Know and Protect Wildlife Award at the International Wildlife Film
  Festival (festival internationale du film animalier d'albert) France 2005
Getting to Know and Protect Water life Award at the International Wildlife
  Film Festival – (festival internationale du film animalier d'albert) in France 2005
National Award for Best Science Film 2005
  International Gold Panda Award for Best Short Documentary and Best
Environmental Protection at the 2005 (8th) Sichuan TV Festival, China 
Gold Award at the 39th Annual Worldfest and Houston Film Festival, USA 2006


A film on one of the oldest living fossils on Earth and possibly the world’s most spectacular scientific breakthrough that could rewrite the pages of modern medical history - benefiting nearly 2 ½ billion people.

A relative of the spider and the scorpion this space ship like creature with blue blood holds some of the most fantastic secrets. The horseshoe crab dates back to 562 million years back and has remained unchanged. Research on the horseshoe crab has revealed that its blood holds the cure for osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, has the potential to regenerate the tissues of the heart and eyes and can even neutralize HIV and tuberculosis infected cells.

Today the horseshoe crab is facing extinction. Conservation is the prime theme and the film is an effort to gather support and create awareness to protect this endangered species from extinction.

The film generated interest and new research started in India after news snippets were shown. It was used to fight and lobby for the specie and now it is protected under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Act, 1972.


About Riverbank Studios

Riverbank Studios was set up in 1973 by internationally recognized filmmaker
Mike H Pandey. Based in New Delhi with over 35 years of experience in filmmaking,
the studio is a wholly integrated set up equipped to handle the entire film pipeline
from pre-production, production to post production including animation and VFX.

The creative impulse at Riverbanks is driven by the need to work on ideas
that are dynamic and socially and environmentally responsible.

Our productions are diverse; wildlife and environment, corporate and advertisement films, feature films, entertainment series for television, children’s programming, animation and public awareness campaigns.

Shooting all over India we have developed a tremendous bank of footage and stories
that represent various facets of the country’s incredible natural and social heritage.



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