Household waste?? What are you going to do with it? Wait for the Municipal Corp to pick it up? Or make high grade compost, with virtually zero effort?

Poonam Bir Kasturi, a true eco warrior of our times. Based out of Bangalore, The Daily Dump are involved in developing a range of composting solutions, and already have a number of simple home Composters for distribution. The Daily Dump products are designed to ensure that you compost at home, conveniently and hygienically.

Working on the idea that 50% -70% Urban Indian household waste is wet waste , most of this waste going to the dumps is illegal (the dumps are overloaded already) , she aims at making composting a regular feature in the lives of Urban Indians. She aims at overcoming mindsets, even of educated people, and to get them to believe that if managed well, composting is a hygienic process.

She believes that Daily Dump is not going to change the world – but it can make a difference.

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