Unraveling the Professional

If you were to walk around the CL offices and ask people to define Satya, some of the answers you might get are – a visionary beyond the current reality, seer of the unseen, yet completely rooted in spotting ground opportunities, one with extraordinary personal maturity of putting goal above self, highly ethical and above all, someone who believes in people, and builds confidence in them. These are some of his key strengths. He has built a culture of approachability and an organization rooted in its core values.


His Endeavors – Past and Present

On the very first day of business, as a one-man start up, he readied his office, and bought the first chair (before the first prospect walked in). From there on, Satya has donned various roles at various points of time; in the initial years – teaching, selling, managing the brand, marketing, a lot of organization building, people building and so on. In the middle years, he became the force for new markets, new products, new diversifications into different education segments, and several inorganic opportunities. In the later years and now, he is focusing on organization building, setting vision, and mentoring various businesses.

He’s a sought-after speaker at various events, and an active TiE member. He has won many entrepreneurship recognition awards.

He began his career in Ranbaxy as a management trainee and then as a brand manager.


The Person

Some of the activities he engages in every week are playing competitive tennis, learning the Urdu language, teaching his daughter (who attends home school) and following sports. A budding poet, he loves travelling and interviewing people from varied walks of life.

Satya dropped out of his XII grade board exams one year to give a shot to his cricketing career. He played cricket for his State and was very close to making it to the big league. A quick self-assessment in Class XII made him shift gears.

Satya is an alumnus of St. Stephens College Delhi and IIM Bangalore.

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