Valerie Casey speaks globally on systems thinking, cultural change, and sustainability, and is an Adjunct Professor in the graduate design program at CCA. She holds a master's degree in cultural theory and design from Yale University and a BA from Swarthmore College.

As a consultant with companies, start-ups, and governments all over the world, she works on challenges ranging from creating new products and services, to transforming organizational processes and leaders like Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson, among others, have sought out her expertise to tackle their design and innovation challenges. Before starting her own practice, Casey held executive leadership positions at the most respected design companies in the world.

Casey is the founder of the Designers Accord based in Cleveland ,OH, the global design coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders focused on creating positive social and environmental impact, founded in 2007, and through her leadership, it has grown to be one of the most influential organizations in the design world. 

As globally recognized designer and innovator, she was named a "Guru" of the year by Fortune magazine, a "Hero of the Environment" by Time magazine, and a "Master of Design" by Fast Company. She was also selected as one of the "World's Most Influential Designers" by Businessweek, and named a "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum.

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